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ucanet is a project which aims to provide a network/web ecosystem for retro computers that is separated from the modern web. ucanet is powered by an alternative-root DNS server, with a completely fresh set of domains you can register.

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There are over 400 domains registered on ucanet!

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 -  7/31/23: General housekeeping
 -  3/9/23: Protoweb support added
 -  3/6/23: Bug fixes, site updates, and more
 -  2/22/23: Website development begins
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Featured Sites
 -  www.cheatcodes.com
 -  utto.com
 -  www.tombraider.com
 -  www.valvesoftware.com
 -  www.sun.com
 -  lbmixpro.com
 -  www.pinballwizards.com
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